The Purple Pill


Manufactured in a FDA Approved Facility with GMP Certification

Vydox Plus™, the NEW purple pill, is made in an FDA-approved laboratory and manufacturing facility in the United States. The facility conforms to the world’s strictest standards in cleanliness and carries full GMP certification.

The state-of-the-art facility ensures that every Vydox Plus™ pill is manufactured in a controlled “white glove” environment. The manufacturing facility employs a skilled and talented workforce trained in extensive detail in the manufacturing of premium supplements and nutraceuticals.




Quality Control and Product Testing

The Vydox Plus™ product is manufactured, audited, tested and shipped to our national distribution center in small quantities to ensure optimal consistency and product freshness. Don’t worry, we always keep at least 10,000 boxes of Vydox Plus™ at our distribution center. We want to ensure that our product is fresh and that no product sits idle in our warehouse for any significant length of time.

We rely on our manufacturing facility to provide quick and timely production, to minimize time-to-consumption and maximize the freshness of your Vydox Plus™ tablets. We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that Vydox Plus™ is truly a 100% consistent product. Our goal is for our customers to receive consistent and effective products each time they order. We are very proud to deliver the market’s premier male enhancement solution!


Freshness and Quality Guaranteed

Our team of executives, biochemists, herbalists and manufacturing process engineers have collaborated together to ensure that every box of Vydox Plus™ that arrives at your doorstep is fresh, perfectly proportioned, balanced for optimal effectiveness and packaged discreetly for your convenience.